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The Concourse


Public Art

Willoughby City Council is committed to integrating a variety of art into its public spaces. The Concourse has a number of impressive and unique works of art integrated in its architectural design.

by Warren Langley

Designed specifically for the architectural space in the upstairs Foyer on The Concourse, Warren Langley’s Ingress is a suspended light installation of sustainable LED lights that illuminate a blue glow. With a configuration that implies a sense of movement towards the Concert Hall entry, the sculpture is a lateral interpretation of the concept of a chandelier, representing memorable chandeliers that appear in performance spaces, opera theatres and concert halls around the world.

An internationally acclaimed light and glass artist, Warren Langley has won a number of industry awards, including a silver prize at the International Exhibition of Glass Art in 1988. Warren’s work is represented in the National Collection and most state galleries in Australia.

Location: Second Floor Foyer, The Concourse

by Wendy Mills

Encompassing the entire space of the water court on The Concourse’s open space, Wendy Mills’ Visiting Enki comprises of a boat-like open framework as the focal point of the installation, with a counterbalance of scattered, grey shapes on the floor below the water.

Inspired by an ancient Sumerian myth, Visiting Enki follows the story of Inanna, the queen of heaven, who travels in her sky-boat to visit Enki, the lord of wisdom, for a convivial night of feasting and drinking. Enki gives Inanna his divine decrees in a moment of generosity, but he deeply regrets his action the next morning and commands her boat be set upon by sea monsters. Escaping her pursuers, Inanna uses the decrees to establish a new order of civilization and culture in her city.

Australian visual artist Wendy Mills has created a range of works throughout her career, from temporary installations, interactive computer works, to commissioned public art. Much of her artwork is characterised by an underlying geometry and the use of translucent and reflective materials such as water and light.

Location: Outdoor Space, The Concourse


Faces of Willoughby is the largest community photographic project ever conducted in Willoughby City. The mural comprises of individual photographic portraits of more than 2,000 Willoughby residents taken as part of the 2010 Willoughby Spring Festival. The photographs were digitally blended together to form a six-picture series of male and female composite portraits to reflect the ancestry, age and gender make-up of the entire Willoughby community. The digital images are displayed on screens surrounded by a collage of the individual portraits and historic photographs of Willoughby.

Faces of Willoughby celebrates Willoughby as the City of Diversity, reflecting our rich multiculturalism and strong sense of community in an interactive and imaginative way. The project recognises that everyone has a role in the ongoing life of the community. The mural is a visual archive for the future and celebrates Willoughby’s cultural heritage.

Location: Ground Floor Foyer, The Concourse

Faces of Willoughby Nina Beilby



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The Concourse is an initiative of Willoughby City Council and proudly managed by Century Venues.